2019 Fast Tracked Program



Hello Edgell Joggers!

I am your new coach, Simone Hill from Cityfit Bathurst. I am going to give you an exercise program each week for the next 6 weeks. The purpose of this program is to prepare you for the Edgell Jog, taking place on Sunday 22nd September. Before we start, here are some ground rules!

· YOU are responsible for YOUR health and wellbeing. If you are feeling unwell SEE YOUR DOCTOR.

· This program is written for a person who is free from injury and has no pre-existing medical condition. Again, if you are unsure if it is ok for you to take part in a new exercise program then SEE YOUR DOCTOR. This program is not a substitute for specific health advice or tailored exercise advice.

· If you are exercising on or near public roads be aware of your surroundings. Assume you are invisible to traffic and always look twice!

· This program is designed to be done outdoors. If the weather does not permit however, feel free to use a treadmill!

· Always warm up and cool down from your session. Use the first 5 minutes to start slowly or gently and build up to your workout pace. Once you complete your distance, spend 5-10 minutes moving around (keep walking) and complete the provided stretches to remain supple!

Keeping all this in mind, if you are unable to jog, please feel free to walk! You can still get a huge benefit from walking the set workouts. Make sure you record your times and results. It is incredibly satisfying and encouraging to set new records for yourself and very powerful to see when your results are less than you expect.

For the 6 week program you will need some appropriate clothing (something that allows you to move freely, is comfortable and weather appropriate), and shoes suitable for exercise (comfortable and in good repair). You will also need to find a course that is 3Km long. Don’t freak out if you have one that is 2.8, they will do fine! Anything less than 2Km is too short though.

Program Outline

The 2019 Edgell Jog ‘Fast Tracked’ Program has been designed upon the foundations of aerobic and interval training, both perfect for beginners and intermediate participants. These two styles of training have both been proven to increase performance & lap times of runners/ joggers.

This program has been broken into two levels - Level One (Pink) for Walkers & Level Two (Blue) for Joggers. If at anytime throughout the training program you require progressions or regressions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Keep in mind, before you begin each workout - always warm up! A warm up consists of a few minutes worth of simple static stretches to open up all mobility points in the body followed by an easy five (5) minute walk/ brisk walk just to get the heart pumping and the blood flowing.

Each workout consists of three (3) workouts and varies on distance as the week’s progress - proven combinations to fast track results! Workout One is the time marker. Complete the given distance of Workout One & record the time - it’ll come in handy later! Workout Two is our interval training. Designed to allow to body to adapt to short sharp burst of power & speed without depleting all your energy within minutes. Each week will change in interval times. Workout Three is the time breaker! This is the workout you want to complete in a faster time set in Workout One. Remember, every second counts!

Where available through your training week, try have a minimum of one rest day between each workout, this will allow to body to recover faster for the next session.

After each workout it is highly recommended that you take the time to cool down. This can be done simple with a five minute light walk combined with a few static stretches.

If you want to have additional training to your program, below I have added two additional Group Fitness Classes to the program. These classes to differ on which Level you wish to participate in.

Cityfit Fitness ClubAll additional class choices have the base foundations of aerobic training, this will help achieve an increase in speed, stamina & endurance. All classes have progression and regression choices for participants to choose from.

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